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Transforming Our Future – One Student At a Time

English/Social Studies Teacher

Applications are being sought for an English/Social Studies Teacher for 2017-18.

Teachers for the positions above must possess the required qualifications.

  1. A four-year degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. Florida Department of Education certification in the applicable subject area.
  3. Previous teaching experience at the high school level (preferred).
  4. Commitment to the characteristics in the teacher profile for Cristo Rey Tampa (see below).

Cristo Rey Tampa High School

Teacher Profile

Mission Focused

  • Aligned with the school’s Catholic, Salesian identity
  • Committed to helping low-income students and their families
  • Places high value on the Corporate Work Study Program
  • Sets high expectations for oneself and for all students

Lifelong Learner

  • Committed to continual, meaningful and timey professional development
  • Believes that all students have the ability to learn
  • Is open to frequent classroom visits by school leaders with the emphasis on continuous improved performance as a teacher 


  • Understands different learning styles of students
  • Understands and uses an effective pedagogical cycle during instruction

Concerned for the welfare of others

  • Knows the specific needs of students
  • Is aware of social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of students
  • Committed to educating the whole child
  • Strives for social justice


  • Uses praise consistently with students in the classroom
  • Uses a classroom management system that is based on positives and not negatives
  • Recognizes ethical and moral behavior


  • Understands the time commitment needed to be an effective teacher
  • Is willing to work longer hours to promote student success
  • Holds oneself accountable to student success


  • Willing to admit when help is needed
  • Is ethical at all times
  • Understands appropriate student-teacher relationships


  • Works honestly with others to build trust, accomplish goals, learn from others and support peers
  • Understands the teacher’s role in student success
  • Recognizes strengths and accomplishments of students and peers


  • Willing to try alternate teaching strategies

Technology competent

  • Is willing to use technology on a consistent basis in the classroom
  • Embraces blended learning style of teaching


  • Uses research based best practices during classroom instruction

Highly effective in the classroom

  • Understands and uses data to drive instruction
  • Differentiates instruction in the classroom
  • Has a system of frequent progress monitoring with students
  • Uses homework effectively
  • Uses effective questioning techniques
  • Employs effective communication strategies with students and parents
  • Uses classroom time effectively

Culturally competent

  • Accepts all types of diversity in students and adults
  • Strives for high quality interpersonal relationships between teachers, students, parents and staff


  • Is a team player
  • Works constantly to develop trust and positive relationships
  • Willing to work in a professional learning community culture

Ability to laugh

  • Values and uses humor appropriately
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