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Types of Instruction

Types of Instruction

At Cristo Rey Tampa, our goal is to meet the academic needs of each student. To do that, we offer a variety of types of instruction.  At any given time at Cristo Rey Tampa, one could expect to see the following types of instruction taking place at this school. 

Whole Class

This instruction takes place when all students are at the same point in a lesson. The teacher delivers the instruction and practice to all students in the room at the same time. 


This instruction takes into consideration the different ability levels of students within the same classroom. When observing differentiated instruction, one would see some students in the class receiving direct instruction from the teacher. Others would be doing independent practice on their own. At some point during the lesson, the students would change roles where those doing the independent practice would then move to receiving direct instruction. Those receiving direct instruction at the beginning of the lesson would then move to doing independent practice.

Individualized or One-to-One

There are times when students need to work alone with a teacher in the classroom. This type of instruction occurs when a student needs extra help or was absent a previous day.

Small Group

This type of instructions occurs in a classroom environment using differentiated instruction. There will also be times at Cristo Rey Tampa when students will leave a reading or math class to work with 2-4 other students in a small group led by a specialized instructor. 


There will be times when students are assigned homework activities when they need to watch or listen to a lesson at home and then be ready to discuss it the next day in class. 

At Cristo Rey Tampa, we understand the different academic needs and learning styles of students. We commit to making every possible attempt to use the type of instruction that increases the likelihood of every student being successful. It is possible that your child will experience each of the types of instruction listed above.

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