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Transforming Our Future – One Student At a Time

Message from the Principal

Principal’s Message

Thank you for choosing Cristo Rey Tampa High School for your child’s high school experience. Cristo Rey Tampa welcomes back our returning students as well as the incoming new freshmen and sophomores. We feel that you have made the right choice for your child.

We want you to be very involved throughout your child’s high school time with us. We are committed to clear and continuous communication with you. We will communicate through newsletters, emails, text messages, PlusPortals, and phone calls.  We ask that you become familiar with PlusPortals very early in the school year so you can monitor how your child is doing in each subject.  We do not want there to be any surprises as to how your child is doing at any point in the school year.

Our school day and year are longer than the traditional public or private school. Students at this school need to have the grit and determination it takes to be successful both at work and at school.  They need to be able to work as a team, be collaborative, want to learn, and must see themselves attending a college or university after their high school graduation. Students must also be willing to grow in faith, hope, and love.

For the students attending this school to be successful, there are three parties that need to want them to be successful:  the student, the parent, and the staff at Cristo Rey. You have our promise that we will do our part in contributing to each student’s success. We want you to have the same high expectations for your child that we do. 

Please feel free to call the school if you ever have any questions or need more information. If you are not able to reach the school office, feel free to call my cell phone at (727) 804-4296 or email me at



 Jim Madden, Principal

Cristo Rey Tampa High School






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