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The application period for 2020-2021 opens on September 2, 2019.

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Transforming Our Future – One Student At a Time


How does the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) work?

Partners hire a job sharing team of four students to fill a full-time position at your office. Each student is assigned a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday workday. Students rotate on Friday, ensuring there is coverage every day of the week. The work year for our students begins in August and concludes in June. Students may be hired during the winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Do all students go to work?

All Cristo Rey Tampa High School students must participate in the CWSP. The CWSP is a component of the college preparatory curriculum and it offsets the majority of the cost of student tuition. Students earn their wages and assign 100% of their earnings to pay for their education. By working for you, they are able to attend a private school that is safe, academically rigorous and prepares them to be among the first in their families to attend college.

How old must a student be to participate in the Corporate Work Study Program?

All students must be 14 years of age before they begin work for a corporate sponsor. The U.S. Department of Labor has granted Cristo Rey a provision allowing our 14 and 15 year old students to work under strict guidelines. Students are allowed to perform office tasks, including clerical work, but no manual labor.

Are there any limitations to having employees under the age of 18 in our office?

Every prospective applicant for the Corporate Work Study Program is interviewed to determine if they have the maturity and work ethic to work in a professional setting. Students who are accepted to the school and program participate in an intensive Summer Bridge training, which prepares students in the areas of technology, business etiquette, dressing for success, accuracy, communication, and business ethics, to name a few.

We ensure that our students have the professional and technical skills needed to be successful on the job. We maintain regular contact with company supervisors to provide training or coaching for our students as needed. In the rare case that a student is not working out, we develop a performance improvement plan. If a student is not a good fit for the job, they are replaced with a different student. In performance evaluations, more that 90% of the students are rated as "Meeting Expectation" or higher.

What type of jobs do students perform at the work sites?

Typically, all students perform similar entry-level clerical duties: answering phones, sorting and delivering mail, scanning and faxing documents, data entry, filing, running office errands. Often, students prove capable of additional duties and take those on after a period of time. For example, students who work in clinical hospital atmospheres often assist nurses, greet patients, and help with paperwork.

Do students get paid directly?

No, the money that is paid by the Partners goes directly to the CWSP and not the students. The money then funds the students' education. Partners have the opportunity to hire students over school breaks. Money earned during breaks is not covered during the academic school year and goes directly to the students.

Do students choose where they go to work?

After evaluating each student's skill level and interests, and the skill sets needed by our Partners, the CWSP staff will determine where students are placed.

We have important documents in our office and are concerned about confidentiality.

We drive this point home to students during Summer Bridge training. Topics such as handling confidential documents and understanding the importance of these documents are part of our Business Ethics courses. We have long-term job partners in the fields of law, banking and healthcare, in which confidentiality is critical. Our students also participate in any required confidentiality training at their place of work.

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